May 2016
Beef and Pork
Cut and Wrap $0.75 lb
Boneless Cut and Wrap $0.80 lb
Patties $2.50 lb
Sausage $2.50 lb
Smoking $3.00 lb
Smoked Sausage $3.50lb
Bone and Scrap Disposal $0.25 lb
Beef $125 ea
Pork $75 ea
Beef $75 ea
Pork $40 ea

Wild Game Price List 2016

Call our Hot Line to book your freezer space: 705-641-2350

Tainted or dirty carcasses will not be accepted.

All Game accepted by appointment only. Please call first.

25 pound minimum order for each type of sausage to be made.

Bear meat accepted for sausage making if skinned, boned, and packaged.

Deer $50 ea
Moose $125 ea (Quartering $50)
Cut and Wrap $0.95lb ($95 minimum per carcass)
Waste Disposal $0.10 lb
Fresh Sausage

$2.50 lb Bratwurst, Garlic, Mild or Hot Italian

$3.00 lb Hunter's, Chorizo, Hungarian, English Breakfast

Smoked Sausage

$3.50 lb Pepperettes, Pepperoni, Summer Sausage

$4.50 lb Smoked Sausage, Kielbasa

Beef or Pork Trim $2.25 lb