What is aging?
Beef is aged to allow the enzymes to break down the muscle tissue making the meat more tender and brining out the flavor.

What is hanging?
Beef is hung to allow the aging process to occur, as well as allowing the muscles to relax and straighten out, so that when the beef can be cut neatly across the grain.

What are growth hormones?
There are four types of growth hormones permitted for use in Canada, there primary purpose is to promote muscle development, and shorten the growth period to maturity.

What are high protein feeds?
Animal feeds containing protein levels of up to 28%, promoting faster growth rates, and increased fat marbling. Corn has a protein level of about 6-8% while Soy beans contain about14-16%. The higher protein levels ore created by adding Blood meal, Fish meal, and other meat Bi Products.

What is brining and seasoning?
Hams, bacons, cottage rolls, peameal bacon, and even some pork loins and chicken are injected to preserve and increase shelf life. Many producers inject the product three times increasing the weight by up to 50%.

What is binder?
Binders react with fat and water and attach to the meat in sausage. This allows for higher fat content, and extra water in the final product.

What is filler?
Fillers are added to lower production costs, and increase yield. Many producers use wheat, milk, or corn bi products.

What is air chilling?
Most poultry production uses water vats to chill the carcasses after killing. This process allows water to soak into the product, increasing the final weight by up to 50%. Air chilled poultry hangs in a cooler and actually looses about 3% of itís final weight, resulting in a more flavorful product which doesnít shrink when cooked.